In Your Time of Grief ...

Celebrating the Life of a Loved One

Celebrating the life of a loved one with the sacred Sprinkling of Ashes on the open seas is a wonderful memorial ceremony for family and friends. 

Providing Comfort, Tranquility & Solitude

Your Captain welcomes you and your loved ones aboard our vessel.  As we make our way toward the ocean inlet we will find tranquility and solitude along the Majestic St Lucie River. From the Ocean Inlet we cruise three miles off shore to find a peaceful spot to idle. At this time you and your loved ones participate in the sacred sprinkling of ashes and roses.  It is time to part ways for a while.  From there we cruise back the same route.  The Captain and Crew respect your need for privacy and will do everything in our power to provide comfort and tranquility.    $795.

The Captain's Certificate of Burial at Sea

You will receive our Captain's Certificate of Burial at Sea within a week or two of the memorial service.  The certificate will confirm the exact location of the Burial at Sea indicating the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates, three miles off Florida's Coastline.  The certificate will be signed by the Captain and Witnessed by the Deckhand 's signature.  Our Ashes at Sea guidelines meet all laws and requirements of the State of Florida as well as City and County bylaws for Burials at Sea.