Excursions Priced as Low as $66.50 per person with private parties of 6 Guests

6 Reasons Why We Are Superior To Our Competitors

1). We Are PRIVATE-PARTY CHARTERS ... That Means Only You and Your Family or Friends are Aboard. It’s a Memorable Event ... Our Competition Has a Boatload of Strangers.


2). With Us, You Choose Your Own Departure Time Based On Your Convenience, Not Ours. — Our Competition Has Set Scheduled Departures Based On Their Convenience, Not Yours.

3). With Us, You’re Cruising in Style, Aboard Our New, Sleek and Stylish, Luxury Cabin Cruiser. —- Our Competition Operate a Mini Ferry Boat and a Flat Bottom, Flat Decked, Multi Rowed Seating Pontoon.


As They Say, “You Get What You Pay For”

4). We Dock at 8 Fine Waterfront Restaurants ... Our Competition Do Not Dock at Any.

5). Our Excursions are Private, Intimate Gatherings of 2 to 6 Friends Aboard .... Our Competitors are Open to the General Public for 20 to 30 Strangers Aboard ... The Choice is Simple!

6). We Dock at or Close by Several Fun Bars & Nightclubs ... Our Competition Do Not Dock at Any.

Voted Florida’s Finest Lunch & Dinner Cruise on the Treasure Coast